Deep blue water and a breathtaking Alps panorama: once you’ve arrived in the Chiemsee-Alpenland, you won’t want to leave in a hurry.

Find out what there is to discover and experience here on the Chiemsee Alpenland Tourismus website. But we, as your hosts, would also like to give you our own personal tips. If you need recommendations for cycling or hiking tours, please feel free to contact us.


We have put together a selection of excursions and activities for you, which can be carried out depending on the weather, your mood and desire.

You can obtain day and hour tickets for the Chiemgau Thermen directly from us at reception. In addition, the EFA Museum, the Prien Climbing Forest and the Escape Room belong to the “Freundeskreis” (circle of friends) – so great benefits await you there when you show your advantage wristband.
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A day full of wellness and relaxation awaits the whole family at the Chiemgau Thermen. Bathing enthusiasts can let off steam in the spacious water landscape, while those seeking peace and quiet can relax with a sauna session.

The spa landscape consists of an indoor and outdoor area. Indoors, bathers will find a large pool and a bubbling whirlpool. While bathing, young and old enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoor area.

Water fun

In the outdoor area, water lovers dive into the 34 degree warm relaxation pool in summer as well as in winter. Splash showers and massage jets provide variety. A special attraction is the 125-metre-long open-air flow channel. From March to October, the summer activity pool is also open, where swimmers can swim their laps at temperatures of around 25 degrees.

Relaxation in the sauna

In the sauna area, visitors can choose from a wide range of options, from the classic sauna to innovative treatments such as a herbal sauna. After so much heat, the crushed ice from the ice fountain and the plunge pool provide welcome cooling.

Over 220 motorised witnesses present 100 years of German automotive history in Amerang. Right next door, the world’s largest series-produced model railway in gauge II runs over around 650 metres of track.

From the first Benz motor car to the 600 hp Porsche, visitors walk once through the chronological development of motor vehicles. In the process, they pass small scooters as well as Wilhelm Maybach luxury cars.

Model railway

Here the trains chug through a lovingly designed landscape with wooded hills, buildings, a three-metre bridge and a quarry. The railway gets company from ships anchored in the harbour.

The Bauernhausmuseum Amerang (Farmhouse Museum) offers insights into everyday rural life in the Chiemgau and the Rupertiwinkel.

In a manageable, easily accessible area, farmhouses and historic workshops are presented in the midst of gardens and orchards. Let yourself be fascinated by the stories of the houses and their inhabitants.

The Bauernhausmuseum Amerang invites you to join in, relax and pause in beautiful surroundings.

The medieval round castle on the hill, which was already mentioned in a document as a noble seat in 1072, is a pure monument to the various epochs of our history. Amerang Castle is a centre of living culture and traditional hospitality.

High up in the trees, the whole family gets to know the view of Lake Chiemsee from a completely different perspective: Here, climbers big and small overlook the region from a height of up to 14 metres.

In the climbing forest near Prien, visitors can choose from 110 varied exercises on 13 courses. To be well prepared for the climb, there is a short safety briefing on three short routes beforehand.

Fun for young and old

A special attraction is the pedal boat course. Here, the brave don’t pedal across Lake Chiemsee, but on ropes through the forest. Children from the age of four climb on the Indian and tree house courses. Teamwork is required on the tandem course, as many of the exercises can only be completed in pairs.

A true gem with valuable and unique flora and fauna in the landscape conservation area. In the Ameranger moor you will find various circular trails, for example to the neighbouring municipality of Halfing and back. Information boards for children with riddles and interesting facts are installed along the way.

You can find more information about the circular routes on the Chiemsee Alpenland Tourismus page.

A sea on the edge of the Alps? At Lake Chiemsee, the “Bavarian sea”, the whole family spends a varied day by the water. Whether swimming, walking or enjoying a relaxing boat trip – there is something for everyone here.

Lake Chiemsee is the third largest lake in Germany. There are three islands in the middle of the water: On Herreninsel, the largest of the three, King Ludwig II built the New Herrenchiemsee Palace. On the smaller Fraueninsel, the Benedictine convent Frauenwörth and the islanders’ homes and workplaces can be marvelled at. The smallest of the three, Kraut Island, is uninhabited and not accessible to visitors.

A day at the “sea”

Numerous hiking and cycling trails lead directly along the water around the lake with a view of the Chiemsee mountains. In summer, water lovers cool off at numerous bathing spots. There are many boat rentals along the shore: so young and old can explore Lake Chiemsee with a pedal boat, rowing boat, sailing boat or electric boat. If you prefer to relax, take the Chiemsee boat trip to one of the islands.

Small but nice: it takes no more than two hours to walk around Fraueninsel. And although the piece of land in the middle of Lake Chiemsee is not all that big, it has a lot to offer island lovers.

The second largest island in Lake Chiemsee can be reached all year round by scheduled boat service. Particularly worth seeing are the Frauenwörth monastery and the idyllically situated residential and work houses of the approximately 300 islanders.

Popular place of pilgrimage

The Benedictine monastery Frauenwörth was founded in the 8th century by Duke Tassilo III. The abbey can only be visited on a guided tour, the church building with romantic, gothic and baroque elements is freely accessible at all times. The Campanile, a free-standing bell tower with an onion dome, and the gate hall from the Carolingian period are particularly inspiring for visitors to the island.

Pure idyll

The Fraueninsel with its beauty and view of Lake Chiemsee has served as an inspiration for many painters and poets. After a short walk through charming alleys and past small cafés, potteries and fishing businesses, visitors like to find themselves at Lindenhain, the centre of the island. Here at the war memorial chapel are two trees that are over 1000 years old: the Tassilo and the Marien linden.

For over 100 years, the Chiemsee Schifffahrt fleet has been sailing across the “Bavarian Sea” and comfortably transporting its passengers to Herreninsel and Fraueninsel. The captains of the 14 ships with names like Berta, Edeltraut and Irmingard collect their passengers at six landing stages.

It takes up to 30 minutes to reach one of the two islands in summer. On Herreninsel, visitors are enchanted by the castle of the fairytale king Ludwig II, and on Fraueninsel, the Benedictine convent Frauenwörth and a picturesque island village await.

Even the Bavarian fairytale king Ludwig II recognised the beauty of Lake Chiemsee and had a stately castle built in its midst. Today, day trippers visit the island by boat and are enchanted by the royal splendour there.

The New Herrenchiemsee Palace is located on the largest island of Lake Chiemsee, the Herreninsel. The baroque building was commissioned by King Ludwig II from 1878 and can only be visited on a guided tour.

Impressive castle

On a tour of the magnificent palace rooms, visitors will see the magnificent staircase with its murals and huge chandelier, as well as the Parade Bedroom and the Great Mirror Gallery. A short walk through the picturesque gardens is also worthwhile.

The Life of a King

The south wing of the building houses the King Ludwig II Museum. Here, interested visitors can learn all about the life of the monarch through portraits, photographs and stylish ceremonial robes. Original furniture from the royal flat in the Munich Residence and from Linderhof Palace in Ettal are also on display.

In the midst of the picturesque Chiemgau landscape, 17 lakes join together to form the Egstätt-Hemhofer Seenplatte. The lakes are remnants from the last ice age – today they are popular destinations for young and old.

Where once glaciers shaped the landscape, there are now lakes, bogs and swamps. The area around the lake plateau is one of the most important ice decay landscapes in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. With its diversity of plant and animal species, the area was one of the first in Germany to be designated a nature reserve as early as 1939.

On a discovery tour

There is much to discover in the nature reserve. Rare plants, such as native orchids and large fields of water lilies adorn the water surface and the shore. Dragonflies, lizards and butterflies have their home here and look forward to being admired by visitors.

A day at the lakes

On foot, by bike or swimming in the lake – the nature around the lake district can be enjoyed in many ways. Excursionists can explore the lake district on 28 kilometres of cycling and hiking trails. Jumping into the cool water is only possible at the bathing spots at Hartsee, Langbürgner See and Pelhamer See.

Dinosaurs, fairytale characters and rides make a visit to the Ruhpolding amusement park an unforgettable experience. From the leisurely carousel rider to the adventurous roller coaster fan, there is something for everyone here.

Over 60 attractions provide fun and variety in Ruhpolding. In the fairytale park you can visit Snow White and the seven dwarfs, among others. Young visitors hone their balance in the low ropes course. The boat slides and the mountain roller coaster are more adventurous.

The Wildfreizeitpark Oberreith invites you to visit with many native animals, numerous play opportunities, a large indoor playground with café and souvenir shop, forest ropes course, mega fox, park railway, trampoline bungee facility and many other attractions. A place to discover, play, experience, learn and relax.

Located near Wasserburg am Inn, the wildlife park is ideal for an excursion with the family or simply to enjoy a few relaxing hours in nature.

A trip to the Mt. Kampenwand is an experience for the whole family all year round: In addition to summer hiking trails and mountain bike trails, all nature lovers look forward to pure slope happiness in winter.

The Kampenwand, a 1669-metre-high peak in the Chiemgau Alps, is easily recognisable by its jagged ridge and is well served by the Kampenwand cable car. The twelve-metre-high summit cross is visible from afar and is one of the largest in the Bavarian Alps.

Off into nature

In summer, hang-gliders and paragliders enjoy good thermals and fly seemingly weightlessly through the air. Hikers and mountain bikers also enjoy the best conditions: The Kampenwand offers hiking paths and trails of all levels of difficulty. Especially on the south side of the mountain, climbers cling tightly to the rock on more than 100 routes in difficulty levels 3 to 9.

Everything shines white

In winter, the hiker’s paradise becomes a small skiing area with a five-kilometre-long valley run. A fun park elicits various tricks from freestylers and little snow lovers look forward to a snow tubing track. Ski tourers will also find suitable routes with magnificent panoramic views.


After an active day, tired muscles crave some rest. How about a relaxing massage or a cosmetic treatment?

Treat yourself to some time out and do something good for your body and mind. In Amerang and the surrounding area you will find some experienced experts in the fields of cosmetics, wellness and massage. We would also be happy to advise you on what is on offer in our region.

Member of the DAS STEIN Circle of Friends; facial and eye treatments

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The Chiemsee-Bavarian Alps guest card is the perfect companion for your holiday with us.

With it, you can enjoy numerous benefits in the region – from reduced prices on mountain railways and discounted tickets for museums to discounted admission to swimming pools.

You will receive the card free of charge upon arrival, it is valid for two nights or more. You can find all the details of the offers on the Chiemsee Alpenland Tourismus website at

Tip: You can buy more guest cards at the tourist information office of the Amerang municipality. We will be happy to advise you at the reception about the various offers.


Our region offers a variety of restaurants of different kinds.

Whether Italian, Greek, burger & steak or classic Bavarian cuisine – Amerang and the surrounding area have plenty to offer the refined taste buds. We will be happy to reserve a table for you during your stay, just come and see us!

Bavarian cuisine within sight of Hotel DAS STEIN

Fine Italian food with our direct neighbours; part of our circle of friends

Greek cuisine, within walking distance of the hotel; part of our circle of friends.

Bavarian & home-style cooking as well as specialities from the grill; part of our circle of friends

Italian restaurant at Höslwang Golf Club

Bavarian cuisine with mountain view


Shop regionally in and around Amerang.

Small Edeka market, within walking distance of the hotel

Small general shop with many organic articles

Delicatessen with fresh food counter


In the event of an (emergency) case, you will find various doctors and pharmacies in the immediate vicinity.